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Bye to Spotify

Bye to Spotify

I’ve also said goodbye to Spotify, but I didn’t get to even experience half the issues Brett did. I joined Spotify to listen at my desk at work and the PC application was so horendous, that I could usually never got as far as listening to a song. The app would hang or say it was playing, without outputting any audio.

Brett also points out hard it was to actually find music:

Trying to navigate this app was less than pleasant. While “serendipitous discovery” was possible using the Similar Artists” feature, the only way to add new tracks to your Library—as near as I can tell—is to star tracks you don’t own or add them to playlists. Whenever I found myself wanting to check out a new band or album, I’d have to create a playlist. I don’t usually like playlists and I’m the kind of guy who enjoys listening to whole albums, front to back. Spotify made this, well, cumbersome.

I often tried to see if my favorite band had something new I wasn’t aware of. This was definitely not easily done. In fact, discovering anything beyond the Top lists was very difficult. After a few separate attempts, I was done.

Finally, I can’t stand services that don’t have an easy way to unsubscribe through the admin panel. The email to support was answered quickly and they promptly removed my account, but it should be a one click action I can do myself.

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